central air vs mini split

Air conditioning systems are important to nearly 90% of US homes that have them. In South Florida, the number may be closer to 100% due to higher temperatures. It’s close to impossible to survive without air conditioning in such a hot state.

When you move into a new place, deciding on a central air vs mini-split system is a must. There are major differences between the two, and installing the wrong one can cost you. If you need help deciding which of the two is right for you, keep reading.

Central Air System

When you have a central air system, the air is constantly being circulated throughout the entire home. Central units have a single thermostat that sets the entire house at one temperature. Ducts are installed in the ceilings, floors, or walls that carry air to and back the system.

Startup/Overall Cost and Maintainance

Central air systems could be about 30% cheaper in regards to initial cost. If you keep your system running regularly may require more service calls. Cleaning the system to prevent dust is important, and it may be harder to do or reach without a professional.

Installation and Durability

You can expect to get up to 15 years out of your central A/C. If you are installing it for the first time in your home without ducts, there’s more work involved. It’s more attractive to homeowners because it’s less visible.

Mini-Split System

Unlike central A/C systems, a mini-split system is ideal for people who live in a smaller place. It’s also great for those who want cool air or heat in certain rooms. The main advantage is that it provides better temperature control, especially for people who are comfortable with different temperatures in the house.

Startup and Maintainance Cost

Overall mini-split systems cost more depending on how many you purchase. The higher cost is offset by the lower maintenance costs and ease of cleaning.

Most people can take care of any issues themselves. You may save more money on bills too because have air running only in certain rooms.

Installation and Durability

If you take care of your mini-split, the system can last you as much as 20 years. The install is much easier to complete because its less invasive. Installers may not have to tear your wall or ceiling. However, it’s quite bulky and distracting for those who care about design and esthetic.

Comparing Central Air vs Mini-Split

When you are living in a hot, humid state like Florida, you can expect to be best friends with your A/C throughout the year. Most cities in South Florida, like Naples, have attractions that make the 80-90s temperature perfect.

However, once you come back from the beach, an attraction, or even work, all you want to do is cool off in your home. Finding out whether getting a central air vs mini-split system makes a difference in cost-effectiveness. The right one in your home can provide you cool air at all times while its runnings.

If you live in Fort Myers or the surrounding area and want to get one of these systems installed, you can save even more money by taking advantage of these savings deals. Feel free to contact us to set an appointment.