after hours ac repair

Today, many of us take central air conditioning for granted. Back in the early 20th Century, however, it was still quite a novelty. The first home to boast central AC was a mansion built in 1913 by a man called Charles “Spend-A-Million” Gates (the nickname came from his admirable habit of giving away his money). The home took up three city lots and also featured solid gold plumbing. Sadly, Spend-A-Million never got to enjoy his luxurious new digs; he died on a hunting trip prior to the mansion’s completion.

It’s only when your HVAC system malfunctions, leaving you to swelter during the dog days, that you truly appreciate it. Here are some other occasions that merit a phone call to an after-hours AC repair company.

1. When You Have Weekend House Guests

Whether they’re far-flung friends or rarely-seen relatives, you want guests to feel comfortable in your home. Should your air conditioning go on the fritz just before they’re due to arrive, or conk out mid-visit, a good time will be had by no one at all. Contact a reliable after hours AC pro to take care of the problem so you can get back to enjoying your company in a cool, comfortable atmosphere.

2. If You Have Allergies

Spring allergies get a lot of press, but as late summer allergy sufferers can tell you, the incessant sneezing, sniffling and congestion are a bummer any time of year. Air conditioning is a godsend for such folks. Remember that AC doesn’t just cool the air; it improves air quality as well, by filtering out allergens and airborne particulate.

3. Right Before a Special Occasion

People who wear makeup often dread the advent of hot weather. Sweating while you’re trying to apply foundation or powder seriously complicates matters! That’s especially true if your AC unit stops working just as you’re getting ready for a big event — think a wedding, prom, photo shoot, job interview, first date, or important client meeting. If ever there was a time to call for emergency AC repair, this is it!

4. When A Heat Wave Is In Effect

Let’s be honest: having the air conditioning go on the blink is pretty much the definition of a first-world problem. However, there are some instances in which it’s essential for people’s health. That’s the case if you have an elderly person in your household. Seniors are much more vulnerable to the ill effects of high temperatures than younger cohorts are. Without access to an air-conditioned environment, senior citizens are at risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. In fact, of the over 12,000 Americans who die of heat-related causes each year, fully 80% are over the age of 60.

5. There’s A Global Pandemic

With COVID-19 still seriously impacting our careers, our financial state, and even our very futures, stress levels are already high.

Many of us are cooped up in our homes for much of the time, and it doesn’t take long for family members to become irritable and snappish. Add in an AC system that doesn’t do its job properly, and you’re going to experience significant spike in both temperatures and tempers.

Keeping your cool both literally and figuratively is one of the essential keys to surviving these unprecedented times.

After Hours AC Repair to the Rescue!

Savvy homeowners have already done their research and know a company that provides reliable after hours AC repair. That way, they don’t have to waste time googling and reading reviews; all it takes is a phone call and help will be on the way.

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