Your air conditioner is full of hot air. It’s unfortunate, but it happens.

Did you know that AC unit repair is 62.5% less than replacement costs on average?

Of course, there are some major things to consider when deciding to repair or replace. The biggest thing to consider is the age of the unit and how good the maintenance of the system as a whole has been.

But you’re a cool customer—you won’t freeze when the decision to repair or replace comes. Why?

Because when we’re done with you, it’ll be a breeze.

Six Common AC Repairs

1. Thermostat

An all-important part of the system is the thermostat, to set the air conditioning system to work at your desired temperature.

If the unit is battery operated and your AC won’t turn on, it’s a good chance that this is the problem. If not, check the breaker, and reset it.

2. Frozen Condenser or Evaporator

Centralized air conditioning is a split system. The outside unit is the condensing unit. The inside unit holds the evaporator and blower.

If you see that either is a block of ice there could be a problem with low outside temperatures, a faulty contactor, or insufficient airflow. Insufficient airflow could be caused by a dirty air filter.

3. Blowing Lukewarm Air

The ductwork pulls air from inside the home across the evaporator and cools the air before blowing it through the ducts. If the filter is clogged, that limits the amount of air going from the return to the evaporator. This can cause frozen condensers or evaporators and lukewarm air from the blower motor.

4. Noisy Operation

The air handler portion uses a circulation blower fan and motor to push air through the ducts of your home and out of the vents. If you hear a rattling or banging noise, it’s likely the fan that is now wobbling and requires maintenance or replacement.

5. Inconsistent Air Temperature

If the filter is clean and airflow seems to be good it could be a refrigeration problem. Especially if you hear a hissing noise it denotes refrigerant loss.

These symptoms could mean you have a leak of refrigerant and will definitely need a check. Depending on where the leak is found, it could be an easy fix.

6. AC Won’t Turn On

If your thermostat is fine, but it won’t turn on, it could be a problem with contactors. If your system routinely turns on and off, it could wear out the contacts. Electrical connections don’t need to be an expensive repair but require technical knowledge.

AC Unit Repair VS Replacement

As we said at the outset, the price of repair of a major part is much much lower than replacement. After about twenty years you should replace the system or it will start breaking down, even with good maintenance.

If you have an older system from fifteen to twenty years, it might be better to replace it, but only a skilled technician could tell you for sure. If it is a younger system, including vents and ducts, then it could just need some repair and a more rigorous maintenance schedule.

It’s also possible that it was incorrectly designed and installed, to begin with.

Time to Chill

Now that your AC unit repair questions have answers you can chill out and relax.

There’s a lot of parts involved in repair or replacement, but having information is half the battle. So now you can grab a mojito and enjoy your summer heat, knowing you can move the party indoors if needed.

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