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5 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repairs in Punta Gorda, FL

air conditioner repairs

Air conditioners. They can help a summer stay cooler and a winter stay warmer. AC units have become essential in most American homes over the years. Currently, about 90% of American homes use air conditioning. Like anything else, an air conditioner will eventually run into problems. When that happens, you will need air conditioner repairs.

When is it time to get those repairs? Here are five of the most significant signs.

1. Warm Air Blowing Out

One sign that you may need to get your air conditioner repaired is if it is blowing out warm air. While sometimes you use it for heating, this should not happen if you want cold airflow around your household.

If you run into this issue when you want cold air, you must consider repairs.

2. No Air Coming Out

Another noticeable sign of trouble for your air conditioner is if you have little to no air coming out of your air conditioner. Before you jump to conclusions, ensure your thermostat is on, and your vent is functioning correctly.

If everything looks normal, but you are still not getting the air you usually would, it could be time to get some repairs.

3. More Reoccurring Problems

Are you used to not having to do any air conditioner maintenance? Have problems been rare for you in the past?

If this is so, this is a significant sign you cannot ignore when it comes to your air conditioner. The reason for this is that if it is reoccurring, that means whatever issue it has is getting worse.

Some machines are capable of functioning correctly when an issue first arises. However, when it has reoccurring problems, the issue has escalated and is not going away anytime soon.

You need to accept that it has to get fixed when that happens.

4. Higher Electric Bill

Have you noticed that your electric bill has gone up? Have you not used more electricity than you usually would?

If this is the case, the culprit could be a faulty air conditioner. When issues arise with machines like this, they require more power to function at their standard capacity.

That will mean that a $200 bill in the spring could turn into $300. If you notice this, examine all your devices that need electricity and determine if something is wrong with the air conditioner.

5. End of Lifespan

Finally, your air conditioner may get to a point when it can no longer function. For this, you need to remember when you originally had the air conditioner installed.

Most air conditioners can last anywhere from 15-20 years. If your air conditioner is in that age range, you should prepare for the end of its life.

Get Air Conditioner Repairs

These are some of the most significant signs that air conditioner repairs are needed. You may notice a high electric bill, warm air, or recurring problems. If this happens, do not wait to get it fixed.

Do you need AC repairs? Message us today with your concerns, or call 1-866-281-5199. We provide service anywhere near the Fort Myers, FL area.

cooling maintenance Fort Myers, FL

The Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance in Fort Myers, FL

cooling maintenance

In southern states like Florida, 67% of households leave their air conditioner running all day. When you live in a hot and humid area like Fort Myers, FL, and rely so heavily on your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable, doing regular maintenance becomes a non-negotiable. Constant use can put a big strain on an air conditioner, so it needs to be maintained well to continue working at peak efficiency. And while some cooling maintenance may seem like an inconvenience, doing it will help keep you cool all summer long.

If you're not sold yet, that's ok. In this post, we'll go over some of the biggest benefits of doing regular AC maintenance.

Keep reading to learn more.

Fewer Repairs

Making AC maintenance a priority can help you avoid unnecessary, costly repairs. It can also help to catch any damages or issues that do arise early so they don't have time to grow into larger, more expensive issues.

Especially in those hot and humid areas like Fort Myers, the last thing you want is to wind up stuck in the high heat without a working air conditioner. To avoid this, you need to stay proactive with your air conditioner maintenance.

Lower Energy Bills

Regular AC system maintenance helps to keep air flowing freely, coolant levels good, and all components clean so they can do their jobs. If you don't take care of these things, then your AC will need to work much harder than it should to cool off your home. This then results in higher energy bills.

By keeping up with maintenance, especially by replacing or cleaning the air filter, you can help to keep those energy bills as low as possible.

Extended Usable Life

Performing maintenance regularly plays a big part in helping to keep your air conditioning unit working efficiently for as long as possible. In fact, regular HVAC maintenance can extend the usable life of your AC by up to 40%.

Your home's HVAC unit is an important part of keeping your home comfortable and can be quite expensive to replace. You definitely want to keep your system in good condition for as long as possible.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Over time dust and debris builds up in your HVAC system. If not cleaned out, this will lead to a decline in the quality of the air in your home.

If left unchecked, this will eventually lead to needing extensive duct cleaning. It can even lead to health issues for the members of your household, especially those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

Make Air Cooling Maintenance a Priority

Your AC unit plays a big part in keeping your home comfortable, but it can sometimes wind up out of sight and out of mind. Don't let your cooling maintenance fall to the wayside; make it a priority and keep your AC running smooth.

If you're in the Fort Myers, FL, area and are looking for a knowledgeable team of heating and cooling professionals, we can help! Check out our special offers today.

sealing ducts Fort Myers, FL

4 Benefits of Sealing Ducts in Port Charlotte, FL

Did you know that $14 billion is spent on HVAC repairs every year? Heating and cooling also make up around half of a typical home's energy usage.

With so much being invested into your heating and cooling, it's important to take any steps necessary to preserve your system. Services that do things like seal existing ductwork are great for saving on costs while also protecting your family from potential contaminants. What other benefits are there, though?

Luckily, we're here to tell you all about them. Read on to learn four of the greatest benefits that come with sealing ducts in your Port Charlotte, FL home.

1. Save on Energy Bills

Leaky ducts can reduce both heating and cooling system efficiency. Sealing and insulating those ducts, however, can help lower your energy bills, and even pay for itself in the long run.

Also, if you're in the market for a new HVAC system, a well-designed and sealed duct system can even have the power to allow you to downsize to a smaller unit.

2. Easier Comfort Control

Air leaks are a two-way street for your duct system. Not only do they let cold air out, but they allow warm air in. That leaves the HVAC system to work harder to make up for the leaks, leading to longer run times and less comfort control.

When you seal your ducts, though, it's a lot easier for your system to regulate temperatures throughout your home. This means that you can be confident that the temperature on your thermostat is the one that matches the entirety of your home.

3. Better Indoor Air Quality

Air duct leaks mean potential contaminants finding their way into your home. That means dust, dirt, allergens, and other particles can make it into your living areas and have a major impact on your home's overall air quality.

When you seal your ducts, you're keeping those allergens out and the clean air in. You might also even notice that you don't have to clean as much with the amount of dirt and dust that you've sealed out of your living areas.

4. HVAC System Protection

Finally, you're leaving your HVAC system with a much higher level of protection. Duct leaks can actually be damaging to a home's HVAC equipment, meaning a shorter lifespan for your system in its entirety.

When your system is working overtime to cool or heat your home, it can have detrimental consequences. You're going to eventually see extra (and unnecessary) wear and tear, breakdowns, and even the need to replace your system early.

Is Sealing Ducts the Right Solution for You?

Ultimately, the benefits that come with sealing ducts are going to save you quite a lot in equipment and repair costs. When you cut down on operating time, your system experiences fewer problems, meaning a longer lifespan and more money in your pocket.

Ready to start saving money for your Port Charlotte, FL home? Contact us to get started with your professional air duct sealing today.

AC is leaking water

What to Do if Your AC Is Leaking Water: A Guide for Fort Myers Homeowners

Florida summers are an incredibly sweltering experience. The average temperature in Ft. Meyers, Florida stretch into the 90s in July. You melt until you can find your way into that perfectly cooled, air-conditioned home.

Everything is perfect until you discover you have a broken air conditioner.

What do you do, though, when your AC is leaking water? You should have a moderate amount of moisture in your drain pan or running from your drain line, but a big puddle under your AC or in your home isn't normal or safe. 

By the time you've finished reading this article, you will understand what to do when your air conditioner is leaking water. 

Check Your Filter

Before you google "AC repair near me in Ft. Meyers, FL," check your air filter. Dirty air filters will cause your air conditioner evaporator coils to freeze. As the coils thaw, they will leak water and give you that telltale puddle. 

Air conditioner experts call air filter maintenance and replacement a critical maintenance task. Keeping a clean air filter will solve a myriad of problems, including a leaky air conditioner. Not changing your filter will ultimately cause significantly bigger problems for your air conditioner unit. 

Check Your Drain Line

Your drain line, also known as your condensate line, is the hose that takes moisture from the AC unit out of your home or to a floor drain in your basement. Over time, debris can accumulate in the line and clog it. 

When the line is clogged, moisture will back up and then eventually collect in your unit. It will then spill out of the drain pan and into your home. AC companies will check the line when they conduct the annual maintenance call, so you can save yourself some trouble by checking this line after you check the filter. 

Check Your Drain Pan

Sometimes you don't have a broken air conditioner when you have a leaky air conditioner. You just have a faulty drain pan. 

The drain pan sits under your AC's evaporator coils. It catches the condensation as it drips. Drain pans will eventually corrode and then leak. 

If you have an older AC, you could also have an older drain pan. If the AC is older than 15 years old, replace the original drain pan, and make sure you find one that fits your unit. 

Listen For Your Condensate Pump

The condensate pump plays a critical part in draining water from your unit. The pump will have a float switch on it. If the pump or the float switch malfunctions, then the pump won't kick in when it is supposed to, and water will rise and overflow from your air conditioner. 

You will have an air conditioner leaking water all over your basement or wherever you may have it. 

Call For Help When Your AC Is Leaking Water

When your AC is leaking water, many things can cause excess moisture. These are just a handful of the potential problems. You won't know the real crux of the issue, though, until you call in an air conditioning repair expert. 

An air conditioner technician has the experience, training, and certification to diagnose and fix your leaky air conditioner. Are you looking for a quality air conditioning repair technician in Ft. Meyer? If so, contact us

We have an emergency 24-hour service and will answer your calls night or day. Let us help you repair your AC and have your home cooled once again. 

Duct Repair Fort Myers, FL

7 Signs You Need an AC Duct Repair in Cape Coral, FL

Your home's HVAC unit is as essential as any other system in your home, so you want it running in top condition all year round. When your system is in disrepair, it can lose up to thirty percent of the air, which leads to air quality issues for your home. With this in mind, it's essential to watch for the warning signs that your AC needs some duct repair.

What are some signs that your air vents and ducts need some tender loving care? What do you need to be on the lookout for with your heating and cooling system? Read on to learn seven signs that you need AC duct repair in Cape Coral, Florida!

1. Temperature Difference Between Rooms

When your ducts have an air leak, there isn't enough air moving through them to properly heat or cool the house. The difference could also come from debris in the air vents. There are many causes of temperature differences throughout the house.

2. Dusty Vents

Over time, your air vents collect dust and debris that impedes the flow of air and impacts your air quality. Your air filters should remove most of the dust, but clogged filters will allow for dust to get into the air ducts. If you have leaky ducts, dust and debris can get into the system and collect there, clogging and lowering the efficiency of your HVAC unit.

3. Strange Noises

If something strange is going on, and you hear spooky noises coming from your AC unit, you likely need duct repair. Extra air causes the metal ducts to expand which creates the booming, popping, and banging you hear. No need for the Ghostbusters, just your friendly neighborhood air conditioning repair technician.

4. Bad Airflow

Bad airflow throughout your HVAC unit means you have tears or cracks in your ductwork. When this happens, you need duct repair as soon as possible. Bad airflow through your home brings a host of air quality issues into play.

5. Bad Smells

Cracks in your ductwork or even uneven installation can lead to humidity and moisture in your air vents. Mold, mildew, and other things can grow in your vents in these conditions. The consequences of this are more than needing duct repair, it can lead to serious health concerns.

6. Pests

When your air ducts develop holes or crevices, they can shelter any number of unwanted creatures. Insects, mice, and rats can gather in your ductwork and cause a lot of problems. Bad odors, droppings, and dead things are signs that you might have a pest problem.

7. High Energy Bill

When your HVAC unit needs to work harder to condition the air in your home, your energy bills go up. If your air vents have holes or cracks or are poorly put together, you will pay more money every month. When you notice this, schedule an appointment to look into air conditioning repair!

Duct Repair In Cape Coral

Duct repair is essential in keeping your HVAC unit running efficiently all year round. Keeping an eye out for all these problems means you pay less money when you catch small issues before they become big issues. Don't wait to call for duct repair when you notice something is wrong.

Enjoy this article? Then contact Ellsworth's Heating & Cooling for the best duct repair specialists in Cape Coral and the surrounding area!

ac not turning on

Is Your AC Not Turning On in Fort Myers, FL? What to Do

ac not turning on

If you live in Fort Myers, Florida, your AC not turning on can be devastating. Temperatures in Fort Myers have average highs in the 90s four months out of the year.

Having a broken AC is stressful, especially in hot areas. Before you panic, however, there are some potential solutions.

Read on to learn everything you need to do when you find your air conditioner not working!

Possible Reasons for AC Not Turning On

Air conditioners use several components to keep your home cool, and there are many different types of AC systems. As a result, potential causes for your AC unit not turning on can vary greatly.

Some common reasons for your AC not coming on include:

  • Electrical system issues
  • Thermostat problems
  • Full drain pan
  • Blower motor damage
  • Dirty air filter

AC Not Turning On: Potential Fixes

Often, problems with air conditioning equipment have simple fixes. Before you start planning to replace your whole system, try these solutions:

Inspect the Thermostat

The first thing you should do if your AC won't come on is to check the thermostat.

Check if you have it switched to "cool." Ensure the thermostat is set above your home's current temperature.

If your AC still doesn't come on, it could be a wiring issue in your thermostat. Look for any wires that are sticking out, disconnected, or exposed.

If there is a wiring issue, you should consider replacing your thermostat.

Check Your Electrical System

If the thermostat isn't on and the AC won't start, you may have an electrical issue. The first place you should look is your circuit breaker.

Check to see if any breakers have been tripped (a tripped breaker will be in the "off" position). Simply switch any tripped breakers back on.

In an older home, there may be a fuse box. Instead of a tripped breaker, these systems can sometimes blow a fuse.

Do not attempt fuse repair unless you have electrical experience, as these systems can be dangerous.

Check Your Air Filter and Drain Pan

Sometimes an air filter can get so clogged that it prevents airflow. Check to see if your air filter is especially dusty.

If your filter looks good, move to the drain pan. When air conditioning systems run, they can accumulate condensation and drip water. Any runoff is collected in a drain pan to prevent water damage.

Some systems have a safety shutoff switch that turns the system off when the drain pan is full. If your drain pan has collected a lot of water, empty it out to see if the system comes back on.

To empty the pan, cut power to the unit and remove the water with a vacuum, then turn the power back on.

Keep Your Home Cool

If you notice your AC not turning on, try these possible fixes. If your AC still won't come on, it's time to call in the professionals.

We've been providing AC repair Fort Myers residents trust for over 50 years. Contact us today for a free estimate!

best air conditioners Fort Myers, FL

The Best Air Conditioners of 2022

best air conditioners

Everyone knows living in Southwest Florida means you are no stranger to the heat. The summer sun is brutal, with temperatures reaching the high 90s. Keeping your home cool and comfortable is essential!

To do that, you need an AC unit that can compensate for the high temps without breaking the bank. Luckily for you, there are plenty of options out there. You have your choice of window, portable, and central air conditioners.

Plus, installation is easy with help from top-rated companies.

We've gathered a list of the best air conditioners for you to browse. Read on and find the one that works best for you!

Window Air Conditioners

LG and MIDEA are the best air conditioner brands for window units. Their designs are sleek and slim, making them easy to fit any size window.

LG Electronics 14,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

Keep medium to large rooms comfortable with this model. It has a range of up to 800 square feet. You can customize the cooling speed, and it has a sleep mode that keep sit quiet.

You can even pair it with your smartphone or Alexa.

MIDEA U Inverter

The U-shape design of this unit makes it easy to install into a window. You don’t have to remove it when you want to open and close your window. The noise level is 42 decibels, making this unit one of the quietest of its kind.

It also comes in three sizes to suit your needs. It also includes fan adjustments, sleep modes, and a timer. It's no secret why it gets the vote for best window air conditioner.

Portable Air Conditioners

An air conditioner that moves with you is a good investment. These well-working systems are convenient, cost-effective, and work like their stationary counterparts.

Whynter ARC-14S

This is the best portable air conditioner if you want to move it between rooms throughout the day. It has built-in wheels, making transportation a breeze. It even operates as a dehumidifier and a fan.

The auto-drain function ensures you won't have condensation buildup as it's running.


Snag this portable air conditioner if you want a unit that does it all. It comes in three different sizes and can cool areas up to 375 square feet. A hose connects the back of the machine to a small window kit you place into a cracked window.

It’s tech-savvy, meaning you can connect it to your Wi-Fi and pair it with your smartphone or Alexa.

Central Air Conditioners

Keep your entire home cool with these power-house units. They are bigger and are installed outside the home.

Goodman and American Standard

These are two of the best air conditioner brands for central AC units. Their SEER ratings ensure their units are quiet, energy-efficient, and durable. The Goodman units can withstand salt spray, making them perfect for beach-side residents.

Get the Best Air Conditioners Installed Today

Ellsworth’s Heating & Cooling is here to keep Southwest Floridians comfortable year-round!

Get a high-quality installation service for the best air conditioners and schedule maintenance and repairs at affordable rates.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

heating installation Fort Myers, FL

What To Know About Home Heating Installation

While the Fort Myers, Florida area rarely drops below 42˚F, winter storms have been growing stronger. Stronger winter storms can lead to colder temperatures in the Florida area. Are you ready for cold weather events?

Heating installation is the perfect way to create a warm environment in your home. A modern home heating system will create a comfortable space in every room.

Before you install a heating system, there are a few things you need to know. Our guide is here to help you make the right choices and feel prepared for the heating installation process.

How Does A Home Heating System Work?

Every heating system has three main components.

The heating source is the system and fuel that creates heat in your home. A furnace is one of the most coming heating system sources.

Energy from the heat source spreads through channels. These channels move heat across your home using radiators, hot water, and steam. A great heating tip is to leave vents that expel heat into a room uncovered so heat can flow properly.

Finally, a control system like a thermostat helps regulate the temperature of your home.

What Are the Heating System Types?

There are a variety of options you can use when picking a home heating system. Heating services and installers will help you understand what the best option for your home is. In this guide, we'll walk you through the three most common options.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use electricity to take heat from outside and move it inside. This pump is great for warm temperatures too because it can remove heat from inside the home and force it outside as well.

Air to Air heat pumps moves heat using airflow. The system will take cooler outdoor air and exchange it with warm indoor air. This method reduces electrical costs.

Geothermal pumps use a water or ground heating system. This energy-efficient option uses consistent underground temperatures to create a warmer temperature in your home.


Boilers use fuel oil, coal, or natural gas to warm up water inside the boiler. The water moves through pipes that can reach up to 180˚F. The copper tubing in the radiator creates heat that will radiate into a room.

Boilers come in steam, hot water, and air options. Steam boilers can reach higher temperatures than the other two options.

Solar Power

Florida is one of the sunniest states in the country. If you want to make your home environmentally friendly, take advantage of solar power technology. Solar power heating uses the warmth of the sun to heat your home, and homeowners can take advantage of solar tax credits.

One option for solar power is heating fluid in a basin. The warm liquid spreads through your home with a boiler. Air systems use the sun to heat air and warm up a room directly.

What To Look For in Heating Services

When trying to decide heat heating installation service you should go with, nothing beats looking at online reviews. Many companies will have reviews on their website, but you can always find more online. You can see how other customers feel about the installer.

Another sign that an installer will be reliable is if they sell a variety of heating services. This shows that they understand what your options are and can help you pick out the best heating system for your home. You can even contact the same heating installation company when you need maintenance.

Take Advantage of Heating Installation Services in Your Area Today!

Heating installation is a great way to create a warmer environment in your home. Stay comfortable all year round by taking advantage of heating services in the Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and Cape Coral, Florida areas.

Ellsworth Heating & Cooling are heating installation experts for the Lee County, FL area. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect system for your home and keep you comfortable all year. Reach out to us today to get started!

heater maintenance Fort Myers, FL

5 Signs Your Heater is Broken


What's that noise? Why is the room so cold? If you're asking these questions, these are signs you may have a broken heater.

You've done everything you could to keep your heater running as it should, including regular maintenance. But there still comes a point when we need to call an HVAC company for heater repair.

If your heater shows any of the below signs, it's time to schedule a repair service.

1. Unusual Noises

You should be used to the sounds your heater makes during normal operation, but weird noises can be a sign you need to call the heater repairman.

Common noises that indicate a broken heater include squealing, loud and disruptive humming, or rattling noises.

Squealing is often caused by loose bearings or problems with the pulley or motor belt. Rattling or banging can indicate loose screws or an unbalanced motor. Loud humming is usually a sign the blower fan motor is starting to fail.

2. More Dust in the Home

Are you or your family members sneezing more often? Do you notice an increased amount of dust in the home? If so, it could indicate poor air quality.

Changing the filter or upgrading to a better filter can sometimes help improve indoor air quality. However, your system may also need a good cleaning. Your system may be packed with debris and dust, which causes your heater to work harder than it needs to.

If left ignored, your overworked heater could break down. That's why it's crucial to call for repair or maintenance as soon as you notice this sign.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your indoor air quality? The EPA has some great suggestions.

3. Cold Spots

No, it's not a ghost—cold spots in the house can indicate an underlying issue with your heater.

If you notice dramatic changes in room temperature in your house, it's usually due to a struggling heater. It may be too small to effectively heat your home, for instance.

You may notice small fluctuations in the temperature, especially in older homes, that come from drafts. But a dramatic temperature difference often means you need HVAC maintenance.

4. You're Constantly Using the Thermostat

Does it seem like you're always adjusting the thermostat to try and make your home comfortable? If some rooms seem too hot or too cold, your heater isn't working efficiently. The system isn't evenly distributing heat.

The issue might be a broken thermostat, but you can usually troubleshoot this on your own. If your thermostat is working properly, it's likely your heater.

5. High Energy Bills

If you notice a dramatic spike in your energy bills that don't seem right, your heater could be to blame. It's likely the case if you notice the system turning on and off again more than it should. This can indicate a system that's struggling to keep your home warm.

Compare your current bill to past bills, and you might see a pattern.

Need Heater Repair?

If you notice any of the above signs, it's time to call for heater repair. The longer you wait, the more likely your system is to break down on you!

You can rely on us at Ellsworth's Heating & Cooling for all your HVAC needs in Lee County, FL. Send us a message or call us today.

air conditioner Fort Myers, FL

5 Common Reasons Your Home Air Conditioner Smells... Off

air conditioner smells

If it wasn't already obvious, if your air conditioning makes your home smell like you're living in the landfill you may have a problem.

Let's be honest, one of the things you don't want when it comes to your home is any displeasing smells. One of the most concerning things is when that smell comes from your air conditioning. When there's a strange scent coming from your air conditioning there are several things that it might be.

Before you drive yourself crazy wondering why your air conditioner smells, let's take a look at several possibilities. One of these may be the reason for that unpleasant smell wafting around your home. Let's take a look and see if we can solve that air quality issue.

1. Rotten Eggs Stench

If there is the scent of rotten eggs it may be a hint that your air conditioning unit has a dead animal stuck in it. These pests can cause major damage and result in your air conditioning unit breaking completely.

If this occurs the best thing to do would be to call your HVAC company to have them take all of the necessary precautions.

2. The Scent of Gas

When your central ac smells like gas it means that gas may be getting into places your house doesn't need it. This might mean that your ductwork needs to be taken apart and examined.

If your air conditioning smells of gas, a natural gas company may need to be consulted. There could be a bigger problem than you realize at work.

3. Moldy Scent Is A Water Indicator

When an air conditioner smells musty it means that there is excess water where it shouldn't be. Your drain pan may be collecting stilled water. This could mean a number of different things for your air conditioning unit.

Your HVAC company knows how to remove musty smells from the air conditioner. They will be able to get rid of those scents and make your home cool and fresh again.

4. The Smell Of Fire

There are plenty of electrical connections inside of your unit. In some cases, there may be misfires that cause your air conditioning unit to smell as though it is on fire. This may be a cause of significant worry in your home.

In some cases, you may even need to replace your air conditioning unit in order to prevent any damage to your home.

5. A Strong Chemical Scent

If your central air conditioner smells like chemicals a problem is typically in your refrigeration line. This could also be the cause for your home not cooling off as usual.

Any scent of chemicals should be the cause for a light alarm. There are several different areas the scent of chemicals may pertain to.

Take Those Air Conditioner Smells Seriously!

Any of these air conditioner smells can make your surroundings very unpleasant. They may cause you to not feel comfortable in your home. Calling an HVAC company will bring you back a sense of calm within your home.

Have further questions about your HVAC system? With questions like that we'd be happy to help you. Contact us today and get started solving all of your heating and cooling problems.