Florida summers are an incredibly sweltering experience. The average temperature in Ft. Meyers, Florida stretch into the 90s in July. You melt until you can find your way into that perfectly cooled, air-conditioned home.

Everything is perfect until you discover you have a broken air conditioner.

What do you do, though, when your AC is leaking water? You should have a moderate amount of moisture in your drain pan or running from your drain line, but a big puddle under your AC or in your home isn’t normal or safe. 

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you will understand what to do when your air conditioner is leaking water. 

Check Your Filter

Before you google “AC repair near me in Ft. Meyers, FL,” check your air filter. Dirty air filters will cause your air conditioner evaporator coils to freeze. As the coils thaw, they will leak water and give you that telltale puddle. 

Air conditioner experts call air filter maintenance and replacement a critical maintenance task. Keeping a clean air filter will solve a myriad of problems, including a leaky air conditioner. Not changing your filter will ultimately cause significantly bigger problems for your air conditioner unit. 

Check Your Drain Line

Your drain line, also known as your condensate line, is the hose that takes moisture from the AC unit out of your home or to a floor drain in your basement. Over time, debris can accumulate in the line and clog it. 

When the line is clogged, moisture will back up and then eventually collect in your unit. It will then spill out of the drain pan and into your home. AC companies will check the line when they conduct the annual maintenance call, so you can save yourself some trouble by checking this line after you check the filter. 

Check Your Drain Pan

Sometimes you don’t have a broken air conditioner when you have a leaky air conditioner. You just have a faulty drain pan. 

The drain pan sits under your AC’s evaporator coils. It catches the condensation as it drips. Drain pans will eventually corrode and then leak. 

If you have an older AC, you could also have an older drain pan. If the AC is older than 15 years old, replace the original drain pan, and make sure you find one that fits your unit. 

Listen For Your Condensate Pump

The condensate pump plays a critical part in draining water from your unit. The pump will have a float switch on it. If the pump or the float switch malfunctions, then the pump won’t kick in when it is supposed to, and water will rise and overflow from your air conditioner. 

You will have an air conditioner leaking water all over your basement or wherever you may have it. 

Call For Help When Your AC Is Leaking Water

When your AC is leaking water, many things can cause excess moisture. These are just a handful of the potential problems. You won’t know the real crux of the issue, though, until you call in an air conditioning repair expert. 

An air conditioner technician has the experience, training, and certification to diagnose and fix your leaky air conditioner. Are you looking for a quality air conditioning repair technician in Ft. Meyer? If so, contact us

We have an emergency 24-hour service and will answer your calls night or day. Let us help you repair your AC and have your home cooled once again.