While the Fort Myers, Florida area rarely drops below 42˚F, winter storms have been growing stronger. Stronger winter storms can lead to colder temperatures in the Florida area. Are you ready for cold weather events?

Heating installation is the perfect way to create a warm environment in your home. A modern home heating system will create a comfortable space in every room.

Before you install a heating system, there are a few things you need to know. Our guide is here to help you make the right choices and feel prepared for the heating installation process.

How Does A Home Heating System Work?

Every heating system has three main components.

The heating source is the system and fuel that creates heat in your home. A furnace is one of the most coming heating system sources.

Energy from the heat source spreads through channels. These channels move heat across your home using radiators, hot water, and steam. A great heating tip is to leave vents that expel heat into a room uncovered so heat can flow properly.

Finally, a control system like a thermostat helps regulate the temperature of your home.

What Are the Heating System Types?

There are a variety of options you can use when picking a home heating system. Heating services and installers will help you understand what the best option for your home is. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the three most common options.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use electricity to take heat from outside and move it inside. This pump is great for warm temperatures too because it can remove heat from inside the home and force it outside as well.

Air to Air heat pumps moves heat using airflow. The system will take cooler outdoor air and exchange it with warm indoor air. This method reduces electrical costs.

Geothermal pumps use a water or ground heating system. This energy-efficient option uses consistent underground temperatures to create a warmer temperature in your home.


Boilers use fuel oil, coal, or natural gas to warm up water inside the boiler. The water moves through pipes that can reach up to 180˚F. The copper tubing in the radiator creates heat that will radiate into a room.

Boilers come in steam, hot water, and air options. Steam boilers can reach higher temperatures than the other two options.

Solar Power

Florida is one of the sunniest states in the country. If you want to make your home environmentally friendly, take advantage of solar power technology. Solar power heating uses the warmth of the sun to heat your home, and homeowners can take advantage of solar tax credits.

One option for solar power is heating fluid in a basin. The warm liquid spreads through your home with a boiler. Air systems use the sun to heat air and warm up a room directly.

What To Look For in Heating Services

When trying to decide heat heating installation service you should go with, nothing beats looking at online reviews. Many companies will have reviews on their website, but you can always find more online. You can see how other customers feel about the installer.

Another sign that an installer will be reliable is if they sell a variety of heating services. This shows that they understand what your options are and can help you pick out the best heating system for your home. You can even contact the same heating installation company when you need maintenance.

Take Advantage of Heating Installation Services in Your Area Today!

Heating installation is a great way to create a warmer environment in your home. Stay comfortable all year round by taking advantage of heating services in the Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and Cape Coral, Florida areas.

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