The high temperatures during the Fort Myers summers are 91°F on average. Just imagine if our HVAC fails you during a day that has such a high temperature. You’ll get very uncomfortable very fast.

You should want to prevent this from happening. Performing summer HVAC preventative maintenance can help you prevent summer problems. Read on to learn some DIY HVAC maintenance tips.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Your HVAC outdoor unit is, well, outdoors. That’s where a lot of dust and dirt is. This, along with a lot of weather debris like branches, trash, and so on, can wind up on top of your unit.

All this mess can lead to heating and cooling problems. To prevent this, you must clean off your outdoor unit.

It’s easy to do this. Just turn off the unit and pull off all the debris sitting on top. You should also get a cloth and wipe any dust and dirt off the consensus coils.

Replace Air Filters

Your HVAC air filters improve your indoor air quality. They catch any air pollutants flying through the air. But if they build up, your HVAC will struggle to blow temperature-controlled air into your home.

You can avoid a lot of HVAC problems if you replace your air filters regularly. Most HVAC services suggest that you replace your air filters at least once every two months.

Doing this yourself may seem daunting at first. But all you need to do is get the right filter, open up your unit, pull out the old filter, and slide in the new filter. It’s one of the easiest heating and cooling maintenance tricks ever.

Check/Replace Your Thermometer

Is your HVAC starting and stopping too much? You may end up typing “AC repair near me” or “heating and cooling near me” into a search bar and contacting an HVAC company. Then you could end up spending lots of money on a simple thermometer replacement.

You can avoid contacting AC companies in this case. Keep checking your thermometer. If it stops working, just buy a new thermometer and replace the old one yourself.

Know When to Call Experts

Don’t try to perform a full AC and heating tune-up yourself. If you know you need a more complex AC and/or furnace repair, get a technician right away. Small problems like an AC pan leaking can quickly turn into big problems.

Also, consider getting regular HVAC maintenance before the more extreme months start. Technicians will get your units ready for the upcoming low or high temperatures.

We Perform HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Most of the time, typing “cooling and heating near me” is a good idea. However, as you can see, there are some HVAC preventative maintenance steps you can take yourself.

But if you’re having trouble with your air conditioner leaking, rumbling, smelling like it’s burning, etc. in Fort Myers, call Ellsworth’s Heating and Cooling. We can respond to your call 24/7 and send our fully licensed and insured team.

Contact us now to schedule an appointment. You can also ask for an AC repair free estimate or a free furnace estimate.