Cape Coral air conditioning installation

How to Budget for Air Conditioning Installation?

Cape Coral air conditioning installation

With the temperatures rising in Florida, it might be time to install that air conditioning system you’ve been putting on hold. Installing a new AC unit isn’t as quick or cheap as you think it is. There are hidden costs or costs you might not have fully thought about when it comes to getting a Cape Coral air conditioning installation.

This quick guide was written purely to help you budget for your central a/c unit correctly, what you need to know, and how we’re the ones to hire.

Think About Pre-Installation

You can not just purchase an AC unit and have your contractor buddy come and install it. You need to find a contractor who will come out and do an inspection of the home. If you’re looking to install your first air conditioning unit, you need to know the correct type of unit you need and where to install it.

A Manual J load calculation should be on your list of things you need to be done. This calculation determines your home’s energy efficiency by measuring how hot your home gets throughout the day, which then determines the correct AC unit size.

If your home has an attic, that might be the perfect place to install the unit but it depends on your home. You should also get an understanding of your home’s ductwork. There’s a chance you might need new ductwork if your home never had an a/c unit installed or if your current unit is an older model.

Pre-installation may cost you a couple hundred dollars.

Cost Of The A/C Unit

According to Home Advisor, the spread of prices for low-end a/c units to high-end one run from about $1700 to well over $10,000. Once you get an evaluation of your home completed, you want to pick the unit that works best for your home. Which unit can cool your entire home easily while also being energy efficient and inexpensive?

Take some time and do research on which brand you find the most reliable. Remember, an air conditioning unit is a major purchase and a long-term investment, so you want to choose something that will last.

Don’t Cheap Out

Never ever cheap out on the unit or the labor. We get it, you’re on a budget but you should never choose a contractor solely based on how cheap their services are. A cheap hire can ruin the installation and end up costing you more in the long-run. We offer special financing to make getting the very best service easy and affordable.

Can’t Forget About Warranty

You don’t want you’re a/c unit to bite the dust and not have the warranty to cover such a disaster. Another factor in finding an a/c unit is the factory warranty. The length of the warranty varies depending on the brand, which ranges from five to fifteen years.

The manufacturer’s warranty only covers equipment and parts meaning you may need to shell out a little more for a contractor’s warranty to cover labor for any repairs.

Cape Coral Air Conditioning Installation Made Easy

Whole home a/c installation is very costly, factoring in labor, warranties, pre-installation, and cost of the unit itself. It can cost some owners well into the thousands but going cheap can cost you later on down the line.

If you’re thinking of getting your Cape Coral air conditioning installation done today, don’t hesitate to contact us.