hvac system preventive maintenance

Would it surprise you to learn that Florida is among the top three states in terms of HVAC installers? Probably not. It’s called The Sunshine State, after all. One of the chief duties of HVAC services firms and the licensed technicians they employ is HVAC system preventive maintenance.

Are you interested in learning about the benefits of this type of maintenance for the HVAC system in your Fort Myers, FL home?

Keep reading to learn about the cool benefits that you need as a homeowner.

Boost the Longevity of Your HVAC System

If your HVAC unit is north of 10 years old or isn’t maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home, get it assessed by a technician. An HVAC unit can indeed last between 15 and 20 years. But it needs to be maintained.

If you want your HVAC system to last a long time, you need routine maintenance. A reputable HVAC services company will provide the care and repairs required to ensure your unit function effectively over the long haul.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Following a regular preventive maintenance routine for your HVAC system will lower your monthly energy bills. For one thing, your unit will function more efficiently with routine tune-ups and filter changes.

An energy-efficient HVAC system will save you money. But if you’re not maintaining it or getting needed HVAC repair, you’ll fritter away those savings.

Reduce Risk of Breakdowns

The temperature in Fort Myers, FL ranges from 55°F to 91°F. Sometimes the mercury in the thermometer can go north of 94°F. Do you want your HVAC system to suffer a catastrophic failure during a heatwave?

Unless you get routine maintenance and fix things rather than ignore problems, you might not be able to count on your HVAC system when you need it most.

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of getting air conditioning service. With regular maintenance, you can reduce the risk of your unit going kaput.

Honor Warranty Conditions

When you buy a new HVAC system, you’ll want to pay careful attention to the warranty. Your warranty will usually require that you get annual maintenance done for it to remain in effect.

So, if you get AC installation and don’t get air conditioner maintenance or air conditioner repair work done, your warranty could be voided.

Get Improve Interior Air Quality

When you get routine maintenance, you’ll enjoy better interior air quality. The technician who services your HVAC unit will, among other things, focus on your air filter and clean the necessary components.

If you or anyone else in your family has allergies, servicing the HVAC system will help. Everyone in your home will breathe easier.

HVAC System Preventive Maintenance Is a Must

Get your HVAC system preventive maintenance performed by a reputable company with a track record of serving homeowners in Fort Myers, FL. We have you covered. Just give us a call for the help you need.

Whether you want to ask about our services or book an appointment, we’re here for you.