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Did you know that on average, 12% of household energy consumption in the U.S. is for air conditioning use alone?

That’s right. And if you live in the constantly warm Fort Myers, Florida, you could be using more! After all, you’d need to keep your air conditioner running to stay cool and comfortable.

The thing is, Florida has one of the highest monthly energy use in the country, at 1,123 kWh per customer. That’s why residential electricity bills average $123 a month in the state.

But if you ignore the signs indicating the need for air conditioning repair, you’ll pay even more.

As such, be sure to call an HVAC professional as soon as you notice these symptoms of a faulty air conditioner.

Rattling Sounds

If your AC rattles whenever you turn it on or while it’s running, a faulty fan motor may be the culprit. It’s possible that the fan blades themselves are acting up because of debris build-up. It may also be an issue with the capacitor, which supplies torque that powers up the fan motor.

Either way, odd sounds or even loud noises from your AC are signs you need air conditioner repair in Fort Myers. Even if the unit still works, leaving it unchecked can lead to fan and even motor damage. If the motor breaks, those sounds will go away but only because your AC will stop working completely.

Warm Air Out of the Vents

Another sign you should call an AC repair Fort Myers specialist is when the unit blows warm air. This can be a sign of a faulty compressor. A compressor’s job is to circulate the refrigerant in the air conditioning system.

If the compressor fails to do its job, the refrigerant can’t absorb heat and cool the air down. As a result, the AC blows out warm air instead of refreshing air.

A refrigerant leak can also be the cause behind that warm air. This is more dangerous, as ACs made up to 2015 use Freon, a type of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). CFCs have contributed to ozone layer depletion, which is why the U.S. is phasing out Freon by January 01, 2020.

If your broken air conditioner in Fort Myers is due to a Freon leak, it may best to get a new AC installed instead. This way, you don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals contaminating indoor air.

Besides, the latest HVAC systems are more energy-efficient. In fact, their programmable thermostat alone can already save you up to $180 a year.

Weak Flow of Air or Air Isn’t “Cool” Enough

If your air conditioner won’t work right in the sense that it has weak air flow, check the AC filter first. It’s possible that the filter has become too filthy that it hinders the unit’s ability to blow out cool air. The rule of thumb is to clean or replace filters at least once every three months.

If you’ve only changed the filter say, two weeks ago, damaged fan blades may be the culprit. A compressor nearing its end may also be ineffective in circulating the refrigerant.

Consider Air Conditioning Financing to Get Your AC Headaches Fixed ASAP

Aside from the above-mentioned signs, be on the lookout for stinky smells coming from the AC too. These foul odors can be due to a clogged or overflowing condenser pan. That water not only gives rise to mold development but also possible water damage.

The important thing is to contact a Fort Myers HVAC specialist as soon as you notice these symptoms. If you’re worried about the cost of an AC replacement, consider a special financing plan. The most reputable HVAC companies in Fort Myers offer air conditioning financing services.

Schedule Your Air Conditioning Repair Service Now

Keep in mind that it’s not rare for temperatures to reach as high as 92 °F in Fort Myers. In fact, 109.9 °F was the highest ever recorded temperature in the city. That can put anyone at risk of heat-related health conditions!

That said, don’t ignore the signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner! Give us a call now so we can provide you with timely air conditioning repair services.