Like many other options in your home, an HVAC system is nothing short of an important asset. So, why not keep it in good use? 

An air conditioning maintenance plan saves you money on servicing down the road. 

Keeping things up-to-date and in working order means fewer breakdowns. A well-serviced HVAC leads to a reduction in repair costs and utility bills. It also means dwelling in a home with healthy air quality. 

It’s time to extend the lifespan of your system. 

If you’ve been considering the health of your system, you need to read this. Let’s explore the importance of an air conditioning maintenance plan.

Good Air Conditioning Maintenance Leads to Fewer Repairs

As HVAC systems age, normal operations breaks them down. During that process, moving parts—the motor, belts, etc,—wear down. 

Regular maintenance leads to less costly repairs.

Keeping a system cleaned and lubricated protects the internal parts of the system. Systematic check-ups on the refrigerant levels and coils keep the system from freezing. All of which can cost you thousands in repair.

Preventative servicing helps you hone in on suspected issues early to avoid major damage. 

Improved Performance

A well-maintained system is a high-performing system. Routine upkeep is all about making sure your system operates at peak performance.

Consistent inspections and cleanings ensure the HVAC system performs at higher efficiency levels. In the course of a maintenance appointment, a technician checks the wiring, fuel line, and levels.

They calibrate the unit to check it for future reliability and efficiency. A technician will also inspect for mechanical concerns to identify any needed repairs. 

Comfort and Air Quality 

One of the most important aspects of an HVAC system is that it blows quality air and provides comfort.

You can’t ensure that if you don’t schedule planned maintenance. The performance of the system impacts comfort. Dirty coils, ignition problems, and obstructions in the burner corrupts the system. 

Issues with the humidity controls ensue, affecting the capacity of the HVAC unit. Also, filthy drain pans and ducts spill allergens into the air, making it unsafe for people with asthma or allergies. 

Periodic maintenance restores the unit’s performance, improving air quality and comfort. 

Reduction in Utility Costs

When in an HVAC unit is not operating at full capacity, it cycles more than usual. A system that cycles more than often burns unnecessary energy, creating more cost. 

Having a technician come and calibrate your system, raises the capacity. In turn, the unit cycles less, cutting utility costs significantly. 

Get a Maintenance Plan

Regular air conditioning maintenance saves your unit and your wallet. By putting a maintenance plan in place, you preserve the life of your system.

Review the service dates for your unit. If you haven’t had a professional give it a thorough inspection, schedule a maintenance appointment right away.

Need more help from a professional? Check out our a/c services and get an expert’s opinion about the health of your system.