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How to Tell if You Need Air Conditioning Repairs in Fort Myers

Living in Florida is a dream until your air conditioning stops working. Ask any Floridian and they’ll confirm it – one of the worst things that can happen to a Florida homeowner is to go without air.

This is why it’s crucial to understand when an AC unit needs maintenance before it completely gives out on you. Whether you recently moved to Florida or you’re still getting used to the whole home-owning thing, you need to read this article.

Here are three tell-tale signs you need air conditioning repairs in Fort Meyers right now.

1. An Unexpected Rise in Your Energy Bill

It’s normal for your energy bill to fluctuate a bit as the seasons change. The AC unit is not going to be working as hard in the winter as it did in the summer, and it makes sense for the bill to go up from spring to summer.

But, what if your energy bill spikes from June to July or July to August? If that’s the case, something is up. There shouldn’t be a drastic change in your energy bill like that.

Call your energy company if you recently experienced something like that. They can help break down your energy consumption for the previous month and point out any patterns in your overall energy use. If the main reason for a change is the AC use, though, you need professional air conditioning repairs.

2. Low Air Flow

It’s one thing for the bill to go up and another for air flow to go down. If you’re not feeling the air in your home as much as you used to, it needs maintenance.

Low air flow is better to fix sooner rather than later. It’s one of the first signs that you need repairs, the calm before the storm so to speak. The more you put this off, the worse the repairs (and maintenance bill) will be.

3. Random Stops and Starts

Speaking of bigger air conditioning problems to deal with, notice if your AC is randomly stopping and starting again. This could be a problem, too.

It’s usually a filter issue but it could also be something more, and the only way to know for sure is to call a professional. The good news is that dirty or compromised filters are an easy problem to fix. If there’s a more serious issue affecting your AC, though, you need to act on it right away.

Professional Air Conditioning Repairs in Fort Myers

Now that you know the AC repair signs to look for, you can focus on how to fix them. This isn’t something you have to take on alone or make a big fuss about.

All you have to do is find someone who can fulfill your needs for air conditioning repairs in Fort Myers, and luckily, you’ve come to the right place! Click here to discover everything we can do for you and your home.

Why Do We Have The Best Emergency A/C Repair ?

Fort Myers weather has a tropical feel with sometimes days in November or March capable of reaching 90 degrees. Total days with the sun sum up to 266 days in a year with humidity levels near 90% in the mornings and descending to 60% in the afternoons. Ellsworth’s Heating & Cooling has 24/7 emergency service for residential and commercial HVAC systems. Full service with certified technicians we offer:

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioning replacement
  • Air quality solutions
  • Ability to replace custom work
  • Ability to determine if a zone or whole system at fault
  • Ability to check an AC system with automation

We can service the air conditioners problem day or night any month. We offer more services than those listed depending on the issue found. We maintain most brands of air conditioners, not just a few.


Due to its many years of service in the area and being founding members of Gulf Coast and Florida associations for the industry a local bank made a relationship for financing the company’s services. For emergency ac repair Fort Myers Florida, I saw it offers a revolving line of credit with easy to use monthly payments. It modernized to the Internet with online payments. They offer special promotions just for the asking.

Other Considerations

Emergency air conditioner repair Fort Myers Florida does not have to happen. Ellsworth’s Heating and Cooling offer regular maintenance. Using this service extends the life of an air conditioner and anticipate common problems. We give a 15% discount on service calls and repairs. Plus, ask about our no overtime charge on weekends and holidays deals.

Let’s Get Started

Call today and explore the options and offerings of a well-trusted community air conditioning service for residential and commercial units. Get to know the Ellsworth way, call (866) 281-5199!

What to Check Before Calling for Emergency A/C Repair in Fort Myers Florida

Having a faulty air conditioner means having to put up with humid air until someone shows up to repair. How the do I find an emergency ac repair near me in Fort Myers Florida?

The first step, if you are unable to troubleshoot the system is to shut it down completely and call for an emergency ac repair near Fort Myers Florida.

How to locate an emergency ac repair near me

Much as they refer to their companies as “emergency ac repair near me,” it is quite a challenge to find an emergency ac repair company to show up and attend to you as soon as you contact them, especially during the busy summer period. You can start by contacting a company you are familiar with, preferably the one that installed your air conditioner. A preventive maintenance contract for your air conditioner can get you a faster response but no need to worry if you do not have one, you can find a local emergency ac repair locally by searching on several online resources, for instance, emergency ac repair near me Fort Myers. Some websites do have a directory of reputable companies that are easy to reach.

Cost of an emergency ac repair

Much as I would like the ac repaired as fast as I can, emergency ac repair can be quite costly as compared to a normal ac repair routine. On normal daily business hours, charges may range between fifty to a hundred bucks to get a technician to visit and assess your situation. Emergency ac repair can cost slightly higher than this. They may also charge a premium if you reach out to them during off-working hours like weekends, holiday and overnights.

Moreover, you might incur extra repair charges and may have to replace some of the faulty parts. During the first assessment, the technician should give you a quote for the work needed as well as the parts needed for replacement. The cost will ultimately depend on the affected parts and their cost as well as the cost of labor which will vary depending on the company.

Common ac repairs

Proper care can save you all the calls to the emergency ac repair company. Air conditioners are mechanical, and faults can occur within different parts of the system if it is not well cared for. Some of the most common ac problems that you may experience include the following;

  • The refrigerant may be leaking or is poorly charged
  • There may be drainage issues, or the drainage lines may be clogged up
  • The fan compressor may be faulty
  • The evaporator may be iced
  • Condenser Coils

 Diagnosing possible issues in you ac

At times the issue with your air conditioner may be simple, and it may be repaired with some simple troubleshooting. This may not guarantee a solution to the issue at hand but may save you some of the emergency ac repair charges as the first step is always to determine the problem.

  1. To troubleshoot, assess the settings on your thermostat. It should be set to cool mode, and the temperature on your thermostat should be slightly lower than the temperature in your home to prompt a cooling cycle. The hold or vacation settings should not be activated as this will stop your ac’s from working.
  2. Assess the power settings- Ensure the thermostat has been powered on as well as your cooling system. You should always replace the batteries in your thermostat to see if that could be the issue. Check if the power switch has been turned off. You can find this near the unit in your house. You should also check the power switch to the component outside; this will be most likely being on the outside wall of your home near the ac unit. You should check the electrical panel in your home to ensure that it has not been short-circuited as this will cut the power supply to your ac unit. Ensure all the fuses are properly connected.
  3. Lastly, check your filter as it may have been clogged over long periods of time and airflow may have been restricted.

If after troubleshooting, you still can’t find the issue then the best thing to do will be to shut down your system and call for a professional ac repair to make the diagnosis and to advise on the repair process. Call us today!